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Employers Ads

Name: Abias Johnny
Company Name: Abias Simão
Looking for: Game Development
Description: Basketball
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 15
Duration: No Limit
Name: Faheemkhan
Company Name: Faheem
Looking for: Copywriter
Description: My work
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 15
Duration: No Limit
Name: Vance Burgess
Company Name: Vance Burgess
Looking for: Ebook Writer
Description: I want someone with ebook writing experience to help me make my ebook idea a reality.
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 30
Duration: 30 days
Name: Marlin Gay
Company Name: Kilo
Looking for: Translator
Description: English to French translation needed. Must be fluent in both!
Language for Job: French
Salary $/Hour : 25
Duration: 1 week
Name: Mac Strong
Company Name: Mac Strong
Looking for: Data Entry
Description: Need data entry freelancers
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 20
Duration: 3 months

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Name: kemdi
am kemdi promise i have a land project that can give us all much money anyone with good buyer message me this land price is ₦50,000000 are u serious i can drop the video of land am assurance you that any investment been done there will be awesome thanks.
Name: Muhammad
Name: Hamza Khan Company Name: pak company Looking for: Typing Content & Translating Description: I'm looking for a job which is typing contents or translating Languages for Job: English Salary $/Hour : 8 Duration: Minimum 1 day and Maximum 3 days
Name: Agetembom
My name is Balebi Shukuru Alexis I live in africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo country. I am an employee looking for an online job; I am looking for Data Entry job to work full time. You can contact me for more discussions about doing this task. Thank you
Name: Foliwe
Am a hardworking individual from a comeroon and my country is facing some crisis in the anglophone region and my house was destroyed and l lost all l had , please can someone help me with any online job that can pay me amount I can manage, please help me
Name: Aqsa
Date:20/1/2023 Name:Aqsa Shaheen Project: Hi . How are you and your family. I belongs to Pakistan. I live in a small village. My village have no dispensary and any hospital. My village people is very poor. I am a clinical assistant so i want to made a dispensary in my village. Who any want me help. So thanks full

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