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Employers Ads

Name: Kenneth Mcfarland
Company Name: Design
Looking for: Graphic Design
Description: Graphic Designer needed
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 30
Duration: 1 month
Name: Faheemkhan
Company Name: Faheem
Looking for: Copywriter
Description: My work
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 15
Duration: No Limit
Name: Hisham
Company Name: Tantawi
Looking for: Softwares Testing
Description: Good
Language for Job: Arabic
Salary $/Hour : 20
Duration: No Limit
Name: Victor Aubry
Company Name: Aloverat
Looking for: Blog Writer
Description: Need somebody with good English available several hours a day
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 22
Duration: No Limit
Name: Abigale Cantu
Company Name: Abigale Cantu
Looking for: Bookkeeper
Description: Bookkeeper for hire
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 20
Duration: 1 month

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Name: Shaista
Hello , I hope you are doing well. I am a pharmacist. And I cant go out for night shifts but I want to earn my own living. I can do content writing/ article writing and blog writing. I can do translation tasks as well in any language specially english, dutch , french , chinese , italian. I can also do audio/video transcription. Kindly help me out , my work is always on time. Thanks
Name: Geraldo
My uncle lose his leg last month He was a very strong and active man and now he is depressed. If he could walk it will change everything for him. we need $8000 to buy a prothese Please help us we will pray for you
Name: Elijah
It is an app that help you when you are lost eg will help you to find your way back can connect it to your can be speaking to you and giving you the direction of where you want to go will also help in ordering bolt etc if you do not have a car
Name: Amiralda
I am a carpenter and i need to buy wood to build a church with my community We all work very hard for this church, everybody help with the little they have. I am in charge of the construction but unfortunately i am poor in a poor country. Please help us
Name: Eva
My family and i want to open a restaurant in Casablanca. We have in the family everybody, the chief, the waitress, the musicians. We just need $10000 to rent the place, buy the tables the dishes etc We are ready to sign for a loan and give all tbe guarantees

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